Welcome to GLOBAL FLEXI SYSTEMS - providing worldwide liquid cargo solutions

GFS has successfully tested multilayer flexitanks at the TTCI test center at Pueblo Co on 8th June 2010 and passed all the impact tests and criteria as stipulated under the COA conditions. WATCH VIDEO

With offices in the USA, Europe and a global agency structure, Global Flexi Systems provide comprehensive transportation solutions for bulk liquids. With years of experience in the field, Global Flexi Systems boasts a highly qualified compliment of staff to handle all your sales, operations and technical questions and needs.

We offer:

  • Step-by-step training in the use of our Flexitanks for all first-time customers.
  • A custom designed package that is tailored to fit your Flexitank needs.
  • Total logistical support whenever / wherever needed from Direct Sale to complete Full Service packages.
  • A large Flexitank inventory on the ground in the US, Europe & India.
  • Flexitank design and standard industry fittings allow easy loading and unloading.
  • Low cost marine cargo insurance, tailored for every Flexitank shipment.
  • Worldwide Flexitank Agency network and a Global response team.
  • Make a Flexitank inquiry

Our Flexitanks:

  • Introducing the GFS 'Tuff tank' - proven track record.
  • One-way and environmentally friendly.
  • Contamination free and sterilized upon request.
  • All sizes available up to 24,000 litre [6,300 Gallons] capacity.
  • Design team can provide custom build units for special products.
  • Approved by the Chinese CIQ, the EU the FDA, and the BGA.